Google Gains Smartphone Market Share Even without Nexus One


Google Gains Smartphone Market Share Even without Nexus One

Since I'm currently so into the Nexus One right now, exploring the nifty features of Google Buzz for mobile, let me follow up my previous post with

Googlicious – New details on the Nexus 5
Google leaks the price point of the Nexus 5 on their own site, Google has their own event on October 24th and HTC wants to make “wearables”

Smartphone market share change in US(2010~2022)


Global Smartphone Market Share by vendor (2010 – 2021)

Global Smartphone Market Share by vendor from 2010 to 2021.
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Why Samsung doesn’t sell phones in China

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Samsung’s market share in China is just 0.6%. The world’s largest smartphone maker no longer manufactures phones in the country either. What went wrong?

This episode plus bonus footage on Nebula:


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